Automatic Discovery

WASP for Chrome is the first tool of its kind to use a patent pending sophisticated algorithm to detect all tags, all the time.

No More Missed Tags

Automatically uncover all scripts and tags found on a page, even those using obscure techniques.

Intuitive Visualization

Visualize scripts and tags intuitively in a folder-like structure.


All scripts and tags are shown in a hierarchy, making it easier than ever to quickly identify which scripts are loaded from where.


Clicking on a node reveals the links between scripts and tags - especially handy with complex Tag Management System implementations.


Get the details about the values being sent to any vendor.


Clicking on a node reveals details about the script or tag.

Friendly Names

Get the real insight about those cryptic parameters with our "friendly names" feature.

Advanced Features

Leverage Google Chrome technology to the fullest.

Integrates into Developer Tools

WASP for Chrome leverages the most advanced features of the Google Chrome browser to deliver unprecended and intuitive tags auditing capabilities.

Quick Find

Keep an eye on the tags you care about while navigating from page to page.

Block Tags & Redirect Scripts

Hide scripts and tags, prevent tags from firing or force scripts to use a different version. Apply rules for specific pages, domains or all the time.

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