Speed accurate instrumentation in the era of increasing page-tagging complexity

  • View beacons as they collect data
  • Visualize which tags are firing with WASP.inspector
  • Audit any tags and any content on your website


Detect all tags

Contrary to competing solutions which use a predefined list of tags to look for, WASP uses a powerful algorithm to detect all tags, even the most obscure ones.

Unlimited crawls

Crawl up to 100 pages on any website, or purchase a license to crawl up to 10,000 pages on a domain, as often as you like.


Tweak the crawl to include/exclude specific pages or sections of your site, detect tags, or grab anything on the page.

Tableau Reader

WASP.crawler reports are available in Tableau Reader format, making it much more powerful and flexible to spot anomalies in your implementation.

Runs locally

WASP.crawler is the only solution that runs locally, so it can be used on intranets and secured environments without opening security holes.


Use our free tools, or purchase an affordable domain-specific licence. At Cardinal Path we strongly believe quality assurance should be affordable and easy.

Compliance audit

Use WASP.crawler to validate if your website conform to regulations and best practices related to privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why audit my site?

What's worse: making critical decisions based on flawed data or making decisions without any data? In our experience, we have seen countless cases of poorly implemented tags and lack of trust in the data, leading to a gradual demise of the value of digital analytics. A sound audit plan will empower analysts with more accurate data and confidence in their recommendations.

Can you help me with my audit?

Conducting an audit and ensuring instrumentation is properly done to gather the right data involves several skills: intimate knowledge of the website content architecture, mastery of functional features found on the site, technical knowledge of how to instrument the site, administrative knowledge of the specific tool, understanding of the digital strategy, etc. Cardinal Path has conducted numerous audits for its clients and is able to assist you in this process.

What's the difference between WASP.inspector and WASP.crawler?

The WASP.inspector is a Google Chrome browser extension specifically aimed at providing in-context information about the tags present on a page, as you browse. The WASP.crawler brings that power into a Google Chrome App which runs on your computer, goes out and crawls a given website, and brings back detailed information about the tags found on the crawled pages, and brings the result into a nicely formatted, easy to use Tableau Reader dashboard.

What makes WASP unique?

Here are some specific points:

  • Innovation & leadership: WASP is developed and maintained by the leading digital analytics consultancy, Cardinal Path
  • Experience: initially created in 2006, we've stacked a huge amount of expertise when it comes to complex audits
  • Completness: WASP is the only solution that doesn't rely on a limited list of tags or risk becoming obsolete very fast as tags evolve
  • Flexibility and power: WASP runs within your premise, leveraging the untapped power of your own computer, and allowing unlimited number of crawls.

More questions?

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The story behind WASP

In 2006, I was doing a complex web analytics implementation and realized there were no easy and efficient ways of validating the presence and proper firing of tags. I created WASP to bring intuitive diagnostic to digital marketers. Since then, WASP has been recognized as a trailblazing tool for quality assurance testing of digital analytics.

The technology was acquired by Cardinal Path in 2013 and has been reinvented in light of ever-increasing and complex needs in instrumentation and data quality requirements. I'm thrilled Cardinal Path took upon the mission of leveraging the latest technology, thinking and innovation to make WASP accessible to digital marketers and analysts.

Stéphane Hamel

Digital Analytics Thought Leader

What do people think?

Easy to use, efficient, flexible and affordable; I’ve been auditing with WASP.crawler for some time (free and now paid-for version) and the one thing I can say, hands down, is that when it comes to enforcing quality assurance WASP.crawler does a superb job for an incredible cost/benefit ratio.

R.Rodrigues Web Analytics Manager, TotallyMoney.com

I have used WASP since its beginning when other such tools were cumbersome and expensive to use. WASP was a breath of fresh air that made access to data quality tools a no-brainer. I highly recommend it for anyone that takes data quality seriously.

Brian Clifton Author and Consultant, advanced-web-metrics.com

I have used the crawler through the Chrome WASP App a few times and I really like it. I am excited that I can download the results for analyzing. This will make my job easier.

W.Smith Senior Web Analyst, Ithaka.org

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